"Each piece is made by a woman who have the same hopes and dreams deep inside her heart that you do"

Explore the magic of crystals and gemstones


Just amazing

Amazing high quality jewelry. Love my bracelet and Wishbone necklace.

Karolina H


My bracelet makes me so HAPPY. It feels so personal and unique as it is made for me.

Marianne L

Feeling empty without them

I just love my jewelry from Bohemian Royalties. I feel so empty if I forget to put them on.


Love this brand and it’s philosophy

I absolutely love this brand and it’s philosophy! I wear the bracelets and necklaces as beautiful pieces of jewelry as well as in meditation where my Royal Malas has proven themselves to be pure magic! I’ve used them when finding my inner stillness as well as in my work manifesting affirmations into real life experiences.


Spell bound by my bracelet

I am spell bound by my custom made bracelet from Bohemian Royalties. I never want to take it off.


Joy and bliss in a box

I felt so much joy and bliss when I opened my little jewelry box from Bohemian Royalties. I have the necklace on me and it feels so good. I feel so good.

Isabel E.

Magical Mala

Love my Unconditional Love Mala necklace with Rose Quartz. It is so magical when manifesting. A real miracle worker.


Love all my jewelry

I Love all my jewelry from Bohemian Royalties. They give me so much positive energy and power

Isabel D.