Bohemian Sliders / Enlighted Transformation


Transformation – Intuition – Styrka

Elegant och unikt armband med Labradoriter och detaljer i 18k guldpläterad mässing. Labradorit hjälper dig att bli den person som du är avsedd att vara.

Alla våra smycken levereras i en elegant ask

Det tar ungefär 1-2 veckor för din beställning att skapas, rengöras, laddas med energi och skickas från vår verkstad. Om det är brådskande, skriv det i textrutan vid utcheckningen. Vi kan inte garantera en tidig leverans, men vi kommer alltid att göra vårt bästa.

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This Labradorite crystal bohemian bracelet is called Bohemian Sliders Enlighted Transformation. It is a true companion when you want to transform your life.

The sparkling blue color of Labradorite helps you become the person that you are destined to be. Do you feel it´s time to release your limitless potential? Then this is the crystal for you. Now is the time to dream big. It is time to believe in yourself and have faith in the universal power. Labradorite helps you shift your focus towards the future you. When you make that shift towards your potential, you are moving away from past setbacks. Remember though, that these setbacks are just experience.

You will attract the best kinds of energies. Say goodbye to “I can´t” as bad habits, thoughts, and feelings that are stopping you from reaching your full potential will be removed. Since Labradorite crystals works with all your chakras, your aura is cleansed, balanced and sealed to prevent the good energies from leaking.

You can also use this Labradorite crystal bohemian bracelet during meditation or when connecting with your higher self. Let the magic of the stone awaken your magic abilities deep within.

The OM-sign represents the OM-mantra used during prayers and meditation, for us it gives the wearer happiness, harmony and inner peace.

Match this bracelet with our Royal Mala Enlighted Transformation.

Chakra: Hals, Tredje ögat
Detaljer: 18k guldpläterat 925 sterling silver och mässing

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