Embracelet / Infinite Abundance


Abundance – Growth – Healing

Elegant and unique bracelet with Green Aventurine beads and details in 18k gold plated brass. Green Aventurine will invite happiness and abundance into your life.

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This Green Aventurine crystal bracelet is called Embracelet Infinite Abundance. Embracelet bracelets with their simple design invite you to embrace life. If you want to invite happiness and prosperity into your life, green Aventurine is the stone for you. It is not only a beautiful stone but also a tool for manifesting. It has a winning energy that is very suitable when you want to manifest wealth and prosperity. Or why not just increase your turn in competitions or games?!

This Green Aventurine crystal bracelet helps you to release old habits and patterns so that new opportunities can fit into your life. Its energies stimulate motivation to help you develop into a better person with higher integrity and morality. Green Aventurine awakens the passion for life, so that you can go through life with confidence and be ready for positive change. With this bracelet I want to give you an increased receptiveness to luck and abundance. The OM-sign represents the OM-mantra used during prayers and meditation, for us it gives the wearer happiness, harmony and inner peace.

Match this bracelet with our Green Aventurine necklace A Wish for Abundance.

Chakra: Heart

Details: 18k gold plated brass. Nickel free. 8 mm beads.