Crystals / Aragonite cluster


Aragonite will provide you with a deep sense of peace and tranquility, because when you work with it any unresolved disputes from the past will finally be resolved. You will with ease be able to let them go and heal from them.

It is a brilliant stone that will help you in healing the earth as it deepens your connection to our planet. As it connects you to the earth goddess, it will help you to respect the power of nature, and to keep it healthy and beautiful, even if it is in your own little ways. The stone’s energies will encourage you to recycle and conserve and at the same time its energies will also heal and balance your physical and emotional body. The energy of this little cluster will bring your vibrations to a higher level; making you a source of light and energy to the people around you.

Chakra: Root

Weight: 45-50gr.

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