Candle Holder / Black Obsidian


A gorgeous Candle Holder in Black Obsidian. Are you ready for the mirror of truth? If so, you should have black obsidian. Light a candle and let your shadows and your inner truth rise up to the surface.


An amazing candle holder made of Black Obsidian. The Black Obsidian is a protective stone that works hard to release all negativity from your life. This amazing piece helps you to understand that even if there is darkness and misery in your life right now, there is always light and hope waiting to be discovered and released.

When you have black obsidian with you, you will feel more grounded and focused. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck and nothing is happening with your plans or dreams, this is the perfect stone to carry around with you because it awakens your inner warrior. It will give you the desire and the motivation to change something so that you can finally move forward.

Light it during your meditation or just enjoy it as decoration at home or at the office.

Chakra: Root