Mini Isphere / Golden Rainbow – Limited Edition


Spiritual Awareness – Communication – Channeling

Do you want to take steps toward your dreams and wishes? Turn setbacks into opportunities? Harmonize your emotions? Or just raise your soul energy?

Unique and minimalistic necklace with an 8mm Aqua Aura and details in 18k gold plated 925 Sterling Silver and brass. Aqua Aura enhances your spiritual awareness and balances your energy field. Choose either gold details or silver details.

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This Aqua Aura Crystal Necklace is called Mini Isphere Golden Rainbow. It is a Limited Edition piece. Pure magic and alchemy around your neck. Everyone is charmed by this electric blue Aqua Aura crystal and its subtle flashes of metallic rainbow shine. Known as the stone of the mind and being such a high vibrating crystal, aqua aura quartz is very helpful when focusing your energies. It can enhance your concentration as well as mental clarity, amplifying your thoughts, and develop your soul. Hence, you take steps towards your dreams and wishes.

This crystal stimulates the throat chakra, which will enhance your communication. You will be able to express your thoughts and to speak up when the opportunity is in front of you.

Although the crystal is artificially enhanced by modern-day techniques, these crystals combine the ancient powers of alchemy and nature. So how is it made then? In short terms, they dip natural Clear Quartz in real gold from the Earth. With scientific words, by an advanced technique they electrostatically attachment precious metals. By that process, a new unified color layer is created. A permanent blend that intensifies the properties of the original elements, as well as creating a rare spectrum of subtle energies on its own.

The aqua aura quartz will help you understand the truth about yourself, as it can help you access the truth of your emotions. The crystal can also help harmonize your emotions, making sure that they are aligned and cleared. It will help you release any feelings of anger. This will relax and soothe your body in an emotional and physical sense. It will balance your energy fields so that you can function 100% at all levels. It will help you align your emotional body with your etheric body, as well as stimulate your soul energy.

Like most crystals, aqua aura quartz will bring its wearer plenty of luck and prosperity. It’s a solid and helpful crystal for the career minded woman, as the energies from this crystal can help you break limitations and turn setbacks into opportunities. This Aqua Aura crystal necklace will make you appreciate everything that you’ve been through in the past. Because the past is what actually led you to where and who you are right now. You will be able to express what you want to materialize in your business, and you will be able to do it with self-confidence. Do not let fear come in your way. This crystal will give you its energy of tranquility, quiet strength, and purification. All the mistakes from the past will be released from your aura, and this crystal will prevent them from making you feel afraid to try again.

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Chakra: Throat, Third eye and Crown

Details: 18k gold plated 925 sterling silver and 18k gold plated brass. Nickel free. Lenght: 42 cm.

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