Our Story

– Bohemian Royalties Jewelry is merging old wisdom of gemstones with the power of symbols into modern unique designs –

Symbols have been meaningful to us since the beginning of time. The human spirit is powerfully connected with these powerful signs when they are genuine and created with pure energy. And for thousands of years, ancient cultures have used the power of crystal and gemstones to release physical, mental and spiritual obstacles by improving the energy flow within the body. This valuable energy have many names, some call it “chi” or “ki” others “prana” while modern science refers to it as vital force. It is basically the natural energy that supports life.

Bohemian Royalties jewelry is designed to balance the body and soul using the healing assets of both gemstones and symbols. All products are exclusively handmade with the earth´s finest semi precious stones. Each piece is then cleansed and activated with positive energy.

Choose an elegant piece of meaningful jewelry and connect with your inner power.

– We believe that positive energy and a better world walk hand in hand

The well-being of our planet is very important to us. Therefore we donate an amount of the profit of each piece to charity. Each jewelry has it´s own charitable purpose.


Customer service

If you have questions or special requests regarding our products don’t hesitate to contact us.