Guide – How to choose your jewelry

We often get the question ”Which piece of jewelry should I choose?” So here is a helpful guide on how to choose your jewelry. There is no right or wrong way, it is only your way.

calming vibes kambaba jasper mala necklace

What’s your style

Choose your jewelry with your style in mind. We are all unique and have our own lifestyle and style. Some of us like to be minimalistic when it comes to jewelry, while others like it extravagant. What is your style? Maybe you are in to a certain color? or crystal? Do you wear jeans, yoga pants or perhaps a silky kaftan? Or are you more office chic? There is a jewelry for every occasion. Our tribe of customers wear our jewelry at home, at the office, out dancing, during meditation, at the yoga mat, while travelling to Ibiza, at the beach and during their moon rituals.

meditating with candles and incense

Trust your intuition

Choose your jewelry with a little help from your intuition. What are you drawn to? Is there a specific gemstone or certain style? What was the first jewelry you were drawn to? Trust your gut feeling, your soul already knows what you need and want. This feeling is very personal, no one else can tell you if you’re in touch with your gut instinct or not. When choosing by intention, only you can make the call. Remember, trusting your intuition is the ultimate act of trusting yourself.

Choose by intention

Choose jewelry by a certain intention. All our jewelry is here to help you focus on a specific theme or intention. When choosing by intention you must ask yourself what you want to manifest. Where in life are you right now? In what area do you need a little extra magic or focus? Each of our jewelry pieces are here to remind you of your inner power and support you toward your dreams. Make sure to check out our helpful Quick facts crystal guide.